The Glass Studio

The glass studio offers a variety of glassware. It specialises in sandblasting (frosting) a large selection of glass objects from mirrors to tableware to all kinds of drinking glasses.

Ready-made pieces can be purchased from our shop. We also have unique slumped class items for sale in our shop.

The glass studio also takes orders for personalised glass objects. The majority of our customers come from corporate companies or the hotel industry. In addition we cater for smaller orders for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and sporting events and we can also supply trophies.

Our hotel clients take pride in serving drinks in glasses bearing their individual details, while game lodges often prefer to feature individual animals seen in their parks, or, in the case of larger glasses, the big five.

Corporate customers like to remind their clients of the good service they have received by presenting them with a glass bearing the company logo. Some items also carry business contact details, as required.

Happy occasions, like weddings, can be remembered when guests are presented with a glass, featuring the names of the bride and groom, a wedding symbol and the date, as a memento.

Other special occasions, such as special birthdays or anniversaries, can be marked with an appropriately sandblasted glass.

The more glasses ordered the lower the unit price.

If you are renovating an old house, building a new one, or starting a new business, The Glass Studio can sandblast your window panes. Whether you desire something purely ornamental or wish to display your company logo and contact details, we can create a design you will love.

Glass is an artistic medium and fascinating items can be formed by subjecting glass to high temperatures. We have a variety of kiln-formed glass which involves fusing (joining together) and slumping (molding) pieces of glass. Artistic glass items are often best combined with other objects such as dried leaves, hand paintings or pieces of copper.

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