Natural Mineral Water

Personalised 100% natural bottled water!

As with its glassware and shirts, Millgate Cottage takes personalisation a step further by providing customers with their ‘own brand’ labels on bottles of natural water.

Water is the ‘in’ drink. Restaurants  supermarkets, pubs, sports clubs and cafes are now finding that natural water is selling faster than fizzy drinks. As well as wine, whisky and coffee connoisseurs, we now have a new breed of connoisseurs – water connoisseurs.

It was one of these connoisseurs, along with others, who found the water at Millgate particularly good. This started us thinking. Like most considerate establishments, we have our water regularly tested. Following up on the connoisseur’s remarks we also had our water tested, by The Umgeni Water Laboratory, for its mineral content, clarity, odour and the other 35 SABS standard parameters.

Our water not only proved to be first rate, but the laboratory remarked that it was one of the the finest examples they had seen. 

We obtained the appropriate licenses and began selling our water, for which we printed our own labels. It didn’t stop there. As we were printing our own labels, we also test printed labels for our neighbours’ businesses. The labels carried their name, logo, contact details and any marketing message they wanted to include. Recognising this as an inexpensive means of marketing their businesses, orders for bottled water flooded in.

As label printing is done in-house, the all-important marketing message can change to reflect what is currently being promoted, or for a special event. Not only are you able to order labels for marketing your business,  but sporting tournaments, conferences, weddings and birthdays, to name just a few examples, can have a unique label printed for the event.

Jean  Temkin won a Mercury Women in Business award for her idea of producing personalised bottled water. As was to be expected, copy-cats emerged in the marketplace, offering a similar personalised labeling service. Our imitators, sometimes using treated municipal water, concentrated only on the labeling, quite forgetting that natural water must be obtained from a natural source.

Millgate Cottage’s natural water comes from an underground stream, 60 meters below the surface. It is pumped up and passed through natural cotton filters and ultra-violet light before bottling.

Some of our local customers include The Bierfassl, Howick High, Swissland Cheese and Glengarry Days.

Personalised label design is free of charge and minimum local orders of 100 bottles are accepted.

Contact us for inquiries and bookings.

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