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Known for its quality, Mole Hill Clothing celebrated its 15th birthday in 2012.

Customers constantly return to Mole Hill, often wearing a shirt that was bought here many years earlier. Mole Hill shirts try to refuse to wear out. Mole Hill uses South African fabrics and accessories wherever possible.

A selection of shirts is for sale in our shop and we also create custom shirts to order.

Mole Hill concentrates on men’s and women’s shirts, but also produces school uniforms, track suits and zipped lumber-jackets, each bearing the embroidered logo of the school or company.

While mostly conventional business and leisure shirts are produced, we also supply the mandarin-collared (Mandela) shirts that serve the wearer as either a casual or a formal shirt.

Mole Hill offers a wide variety; from light-weight casual shirts to formal shirts to hard wearing utility shirts.

There is also a large range of sizes, up to 6XL for the men’s range. Mole Hill shirts can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

Orders are taken for a single shirt, bearing the Mole Hill logo, or a range of uniform shirts bearing the company logo, and perhaps a name, individually sized to fit all staff members.

Unit prices depend on quantity.

There is a once-off charge of R150 to set up the embroidery design. If more than one design is required, or the design is particularly detailed, this charge may be increased.

Depending on the availability of the chosen fabric, a six week period, from the time of deposit, may be needed for completion of the order.

Contact us for inquiries and bookings.

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  1. Michael Clark says:

    Back in September 2002 during a visit to the Drakensberg Mountains, my wife and I visited your shop and bought some of your shirts (with their distinctive logo) which we are still wearing today. We have often wondered how we could obtain some more until I happened upon your website. We live in the uk and wonder whether it would be possible to purchase from you if you offer a mail order service.

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