Kölsche Stube Restaurant


Kölsch Stube Restaurant

Kölsch Stube Restaurant

In collaboration with our Crafty Mole pub we now have a fully functional restaurant on site. The Kölsch Stube specialises in traditional and fusion German delicacies, The name Kölsch is derived from the beer traditionally brewed in Köln, the proprietors birthplace, which is available from our local brewery, Lions River, along with their other excellent beers that are available at The Crafty Mole

The Kolsche Pizza – a firm favourite

A Gypsy Venison Salad – just one of our specialty dishes.

The Kolsche Deli – danishes, apfelstrudels and stolen!

.The Kölsch Stube will also have a delicatessen/bakery on hand with freshly baked German breads, pastries, stolen and apfelstrudels along with other delicious treats, pickles and jams.

The restaurant will be open daily from
Wednesdays through to Sundays into early evening and can cater for breakfasts if arranged beforehand or on booking.


Sample Menu, specialty items will be available on Sundays

A fleischkaesse loaf- a breakfast speciality